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November 1996

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Whatever Happened to Family Meals?  Subscriber access only

Here's how to reclaim that time together.

The Truth About Spirituality  Subscriber access only

Can you tell what's Christian from what's not?
Reconcilable Differences

Reconcilable Differences  Subscriber access only

You can make your marriage last, even when you don't see eye-to-eye.

The Thanksgiving I'll Never Forget  Subscriber access only

I thought it would be like any other holiday—until our infant son died of SID

What I Lost By Gambling  Subscriber access only

With every trip to the grocery store, I'd purchase thirty dollars worth of lottery tickets.

Where to Go For Help  Subscriber access only

If you or someone you care about has a problem with gambling, here are some resources to check out:
Bashful Was Always My Favorite Dwarf

Bashful Was Always My Favorite Dwarf Subscriber access only

A few lessons I've learned from being shy
How to Tell Your Kids No—Even Though You Did It

How to Tell Your Kids No—Even Though You Did It Subscriber access only

Don't let guilt keep you from discussing sensitive issues.
Is Natural Family Planning for You?

Is Natural Family Planning for You? Subscriber access only

Check out this contraception alternative
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Gifted for Leadership

gifted for leadership

The Leadership Journal blog inspires and connects women leaders in church ministry
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