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September 1998

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Confessions of a Recovering Control Freak

Confessions of a Recovering Control Freak  Subscriber access only

I was trying to work out every little detail in my life—and everyone else's.

Bewitched  Subscriber access only

Paganism has gone mainstream. But here's how to keep you and your loved ones from being ensnared by it.
What's So Great About Being Single?

What's So Great About Being Single?  Subscriber access only

Plenty! Here's why.

On the Road Again  Subscriber access only

If your husband travels for business, you don't have to feel left behind.

Are You Hospital-Able? Subscriber access only

MARRIAGE WORKS Subscriber access only

Preventing an Affair: How to guard your relationship

Best Ways to Start the School Year Subscriber access only

How to help your family move smoothly from summer into the new schedule

FEATURE ARTICLE: Welcome Home, New Mom! Subscriber access only

Five proven steps to ease the first week after you've given birth

FEATURE ARTICLE: adventures in baby sitting Subscriber access only

How to find a great sitter - and peace of mind, too

FEATURED ARTICLE: School Violence: Can You Keep Your Kids Safe? Subscriber access only

An expert offers help and hope

FEATURED ARTICLE: What Are Your Kids Watching? Subscriber access only

Christian parenting in a TV-and-Net world

YOUR CHILD TODAY: BIRTH TO 12 MONTHS Subscriber access only

Should I Immunize My Baby?: Weighing the risks and benefits of vaccination

YOUR CHILD TODAY: 1 TO 2 YEARS Subscriber access only

Your Temperamental 2-Year-Old: How to handle a toddler's intense emotions
How to Speak Baby Talk Fluently

How to Speak Baby Talk Fluently Subscriber access only

Your playful conversations can help your child become a skillful communicator

Taking the Fright out of Halloween Subscriber access only

How to keep the day fun for preschoolers

YOUR CHILD TODAY: 5 TO 8 YEARS Subscriber access only

First-Day-of-School Jitters: How to give your child a calm start

YOUR CHILD TODAY: 8 TO 11 YEARS Subscriber access only

"But I Didn't Do Anything Wrong!": How can you cultivate a healthy conscience in your child?

YOUR CHILD TODAY: 11 TO 14 YEARS Subscriber access only

"I Hate My Body": 7 powerful messages to give an adolescent who dislikes her appearance

Fighting Influenza Subscriber access only

Information about vaccinations and other ways to fight the flu

Single Parenting: End-of-the-Month Worries Subscriber access only

When you have more bills than money
The Power of a Mother's Touch

The Power of a Mother's Touch Subscriber access only

It really does make a difference.

Touching China's Interior Subscriber access only

Hudson Taylor's godly obsession introduced the gospel to millions.

Divine Questions Subscriber access only