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January 2004

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Agent of Change Subscriber access only

Why former U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith is compelled to combat sexual slavery—one young woman's life at a time

The Edge of Expectation Subscriber access only

What I've discovered through the act of waiting.

Anger Management Subscriber access only

3 questions to ask before you respond in wrath

Finding Purpose in Pain Subscriber access only

Evelyn Husband lost the love of her life, space shuttle commander Rick Husband, in a national tragedy. A year later, she shares her message about God's healing hand.

Married … with Children Subscriber access only

Would becoming parents mean the end of passion in our marriage?

Taking On "The Talk" Subscriber access only

How do I bring up the "birds and the bees"?
What Does It Mean to Keep the Sabbath Holy?

What Does It Mean to Keep the Sabbath Holy?

Christians aren't bound by Old-Testament Sabbath directives, but Jesus never said to forget the Sabbath completely.

Leap Year Subscriber access only

Is it time for a radical sabbatical?

Worship Zone Subscriber access only

Against a backdrop of death and destruction, Iraqi believers are risking life and limb to fill their churches.
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