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January 2004

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Agent of Change Subscriber access only

Why former U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith is compelled to combat sexual slavery—one young woman's life at a time

The Edge of Expectation Subscriber access only

What I've discovered through the act of waiting.

Anger Management Subscriber access only

3 questions to ask before you respond in wrath

Finding Purpose in Pain Subscriber access only

Evelyn Husband lost the love of her life, space shuttle commander Rick Husband, in a national tragedy. A year later, she shares her message about God's healing hand.

Married … with Children Subscriber access only

Would becoming parents mean the end of passion in our marriage?

Taking On "The Talk" Subscriber access only

How do I bring up the "birds and the bees"?
In Today's Culture, What Does It Mean to Keep the Sabbath Holy?

In Today's Culture, What Does It Mean to Keep the Sabbath Holy?

Christians aren't bound by Old-Testament Sabbath directives, but Jesus never said to forget the Sabbath completely.

Leap Year Subscriber access only

Is it time for a radical sabbatical?

Worship Zone Subscriber access only

Against a backdrop of death and destruction, Iraqi believers are risking life and limb to fill their churches.
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