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Lessons from Longing

Lessons from Longing

Three ways I've grown during my single years.
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In the meantime, God continues to build my faith, increase my reliance on him, and gently reveal to me who I am—a woman with a greater capacity for love and a greater capacity to bring him glory. As I think back to that sunny day at Starbucks, I realize God's gifts of courage, faith, and authenticity come in many forms, but they're all meant to accomplish that same single purpose—shaping us into the women he created us to be.

Colleen Alden, a freelance writer, lives in North Carolina.

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April 03, 2013  8:46pm

Thank you so much for that article! I've been struggling so much to stay focused on God and just enjoying my time as a single Christian woman. This is the only time that I'll get with just me and God and of course, that doesn't seem to be enough for me. For some dumb reason, I always have this need to daydream and to keep hoping and wanting a wonderful man of God to come into my life and to help save the world together =] But honestly, thank you so much for your article! It's reminded and encouraged me, that this is Father and Daughter time, and what I need to focus on right now is growing to become a phenomenal woman of God who continues to be a witness to all. Thank you so much, like others said, for making this whole single woman loneliness thing seem absolutely normal. I've been trying to deny it, and pretend that I'm completely happy. But the truth is...it's a struggle man. Especially when everyone around seems to finding love.

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February 12, 2013  6:54pm

God knows ive struggled with this but i ve learned one: a man is not the panacea to all of life's problems, while being lonely is a real dilemma two: God doesnt want us to be alone, but lastly three:marriage is HARD. It has a purpose and is a calling, its more of a natural thing with a natural result, in short i believe that God wants Godly seed. while i know that that is not the only reason it is an important one. so when i dont have a life conducive to this, meaning we aren't willing to be the help meet, Psalm 78 says that their were no wedding songs because of disobedience. I mean since the feminist movement we are the partarkers of a fallen world. being married is harder then EVER, an We dont know what that women with the son has been through, i think what if she's a single mom, who has no husband, or has a husband who is not saved, If she doesnt have a happy marriage who am i to tell God what He can and Cannot do. I think its more about what GOd wants and less about what I want.

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Emilie Hendryx

February 12, 2013  11:18am

Such an encouraging article - I just happened to stumble across it and was definitely blessed by it. As a single woman myself, I have gone through a lot of what Colleen discussed and the Lord has been gracious to show me a lot of the same things. It's always comforting to know you're not alone in your struggles!

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