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What I'm Learning About ... Loving the "Least of These"

Three women describe their eye-opening experiences about God's love for the needy and his desire for them to do something about it

Jesus taught us the importance of loving the "least of these" when he told the parable of the Good Samaritan. We respond by asking God to open our eyes and hearts to those less fortunate, to those in need of God's touch. We say, "Use me, Lord, to be an instrument of your healing and peace and grace." But what does that really mean? And what if it means that we step out of our comfort zones? Here Today's Christian Woman contributors share their experiences in serving others.

Camerin Courtney

Rose Averill recalls vividly the moment God revealed the need that prompted her to launch Footprints Ministry. She calls it her "somebody moment."

In July of 2002, Rose, her husband, Frank, and their two teenage children, Ashley and Ryan, volunteered at a summer camp for homeless children in the Clearwater, Florida area. While they were serving as counselors at the four-day camp for 6- to 13-year-olds, many of their fellow counselors brought children to Frank, a pulmonary physician. Frank noticed that 90 percent of their health problems were foot- and shoe-related. When Rose and Frank paid attention, they realized some of the children wore slippers, two left shoes, or hand-me-downs three sizes too big. Their ill-fitting shoes ...

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July 2005

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