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July 2006

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What Women Really WantSubscriber Access Only
Bible study teacher Lisa Harper gets real about love, life, and what we're truly yearning for.
My Husband Refuses to Go to Marriage Counseling
My Husband Refuses to Go to Marriage CounselingSubscriber Access Only
What can I do if he won't work on our problems?
Playing for KeepsSubscriber Access Only
Stop playing these mind games and start strengthening your marriage.
For the RecordSubscriber Access Only
Nurture your family's faith by journaling together.
Jezebel: The Lost QueenSubscriber Access Only
1 Kings 21:1-16
Virtual CommunitySubscriber Access Only
Do I need to go to church since I can find fellowship online?
What Forgiveness Isn'tSubscriber Access Only
6 myths that may be keeping you from letting go.
When Children Have ChildrenSubscriber Access Only
How this unique MOPS ministry delivers help and hope to teen moms.
The Angry SaviorSubscriber Access Only
Yes, Jesus taught peace and love. But Scripture reveals a Messiah who was not above losing His cool
A Prayer Before Surgery
A Prayer Before Surgery
My 9-year-old's last-second request surprised his doctor and taught me a valuable lesson about sharing the gospel.
Don't Miss the BoatSubscriber Access Only
The Problem with 'Staying Pure'Subscriber Access Only
I accept that celibacy is what God requires of me, but how do I deal with my physical desires?

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April 29, 2016
The List That’s Still Saving Thousands of Marriages The List That’s Still Saving Thousands of Marriages
What continues to draw so many readers to the story of a broken marriage, a paper, and a pen?

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