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September 2006

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A Skeptic's Singleness Prayers

A Skeptic's Singleness Prayers Subscriber access only

Are we supposed to pray boldly or humbly?
Mountain Mover

Mountain Mover Subscriber access only

Patricia Raybon, author of I Told the Mountain to Move, reveals what she learned the hard way about the power of prayer.

Secrets of a Supper-Swapping Mom Subscriber access only

(and how you can be one too!)
The ''Ex'' Factor

The ''Ex'' Factor

4 ways to deal with a meddling former spouse

The Forgiven Woman: An Outpouring of Grace Subscriber access only

Luke 7:36-50

No More "Poor Me" Subscriber access only

4 ways to cancel your pity party
Not Your Mother's Church Social

Not Your Mother's Church Social Subscriber access only

3 fresh ways ministry leaders are reaching out to women today.
Donald Miller on Life as a Solo Son

Donald Miller on Life as a Solo Son Subscriber access only

The best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz reckons with his fatherless childhood—and offers hope for single moms and their sons.

Dump the Makeup? Subscriber access only

Is it sinful for Christian women to wear pants and makeup?

Also Known As... Subscriber access only

Philip Yancey: 'God Is Already Here' Subscriber access only

In his latest book, Philip Yancey wrestles with the mysteries of prayer as only he can.

Immigration Frustration Subscriber access only

The influx of illegal immigrants is harming my community. What is a Christian response?
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