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January 2007

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Feeling Alone at Church?
Feeling Alone at Church?
How God has used my singleness on Sundays
Of Goals and Grace
Grace and unconditional love should always win over works based in guilt and pride
A Woman of Influence
Why Elisa Morgan, CEO of MOPS International, is passionate about helping women see themselves as more than their roles.
Fresh Air
3 tips to breathe life into your conversations with God.
A Mom's Guide to MySpace
What you need to know about this popular website.
Friends & Lovers
Friends & Lovers
How we broke out of our rut and rejuvenated our marriage
Mourning a Miscarriage
Mourning a Miscarriage
When we lost our baby, I was haunted by the question why?
Caring Enough to Confront
5 tools to help you speak truth with love
The Woman Who Touched Jesus
The Woman Who Touched Jesus
Mark 5:25-34
I Was a Food Addict
I Was a Food Addict
Could I find support someplace other than my kitchen?
Arloa Sutter's Aha!
Her simple act of obedience led to a life-changing ministry.
How Do I Uncover My Spiritual Gifts?
How Do I Uncover My Spiritual Gifts?
3 ways to discern how God wired you
Change Churches?
I visited a friend's church and found that I liked it better than my own. Is it okay to switch?
The Heart of Worship
What it is, and what it isn't. An interview with Saddleback Church's Rick Muchow.
Poetry in Motion

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Loving the unlovely is harder than I thought.
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