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March 2007

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Honda Prayers
Deborah: A "Do Right" Woman
Judges 4:1-5:31
What You Don't Know About Heart Disease
What You Don't Know About Heart Disease
Our conversation with a top cardiologist will help you get heart smart.
The War at Home
My husband's safe return from Iraq was just the beginning of my family's battle.
Faith Without Borders
7 ways to become a cross-cultural Christian.
Friends Outside the Faith
4 women talk about the challenges of reaching out with compassion while living lives of holiness
Our God Rains
The Heart of Love and Charity
How "Mother" Louise Hunter turned a life of hardship into a mission of hope.
God and the Single Parent
God and the Single Parent
What does God expect of me as a single mom?
Demonic Attack?
During prayer, I experienced an uncontrollable twitching of my muscles. Was I under attack?
The Spilled Blood
When that Communion cup fell, the meaning of Christ's sacrifice became clearer to us all.

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August 18, 2017
“I’m Sorry You Were Offended . . .” “I’m Sorry You Were Offended . . .”
Navigating a culture of nonapology
May 25

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