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September 2007

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The Weaker Sex? Subscriber access only

The Theology of Huckleberry Pie Subscriber access only

Praying and Purling Subscriber access only

How women are turning knitting into a ministry to the needy.

The Rise of Raunch Subscriber access only

What's a Christian woman to do in today's hypersexed culture?

Hearing God's Voice Subscriber access only

God's Tattoo Subscriber access only

Evidence of God's love is everywhere. But take a special look at his hands.

What I'm Learning About ...

Loving the "least of these"

Hagar Subscriber access only

The woman who named God.

Banishing Bad Thoughts Subscriber access only

Since experiencing an injury to my brain, I sometimes have bad thoughts about God. What should I do?

Ashes to Ashes? Subscriber access only

Are cremation and organ donations biblically acceptable?

The Reel Bible Subscriber access only

Small Church, Global Reach Subscriber access only

When this Kentucky congregation prayed, Ethiopian lives were changed.

Leap of Faith Subscriber access only

Trish Porter's passion for high jumping led to a spot on the 1988 Olympic team. Now, as a fortysomething wife and mother, she's competing again—and showing others that you're never too old to dream.