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January 2008

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A Q&A with Laura Lederer Subscriber access only

The new Senior Director for Global Projects on Trafficking in Persons at the U.S. Department of State offers sobering information and empowering hope.

The Gift of Gratitude Subscriber access only

TV news anchor Deborah Norville has uncovered some surprising benefits of saying "thank you."

Understanding Mormonism Subscriber access only

6 doctrines that deviate from Christianity.

The Secret Subscriber access only

Does the popular book contain any biblical truth?
A Midlife Marriage

A Midlife Marriage Subscriber access only

Tying the knot midway through life has its own set of challenges—and triumphs.

Rahab: A Hooker with a Heart for God Subscriber access only

Joshua 2:1-21, 6:16-25

Conflicting Scriptures? Subscriber access only

As I've studied the Bible, I've found verses that seem to contradict each other. How can this be?

Abandoned by God? Subscriber access only

I was laid off from my job, am deeply in debt, and my car broke down. Has God forgotten me?

To Coin a Phrase Subscriber access only

How familiar are you with the Bible's influence on expressions we still use everyday?