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March 2008

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Gender Neutral
Is using feminine terms to describe God permissible?
Does Jesus Like Me?
I know he loves me, but I've always wondered if God enjoys me.
Are You Too Easily Offended?
Are You Too Easily Offended?
How to avoid being put off by others' actions or remarks
Setting Captives Free
A sex-trafficking survivor courageously shares her story in hopes of sparing other women the same horror.
For Better, For Worse
4 ways to support your friend in a marriage crisis
It's Not Easy Being Green
How's a Christian to respond to the hot-button issue of the environment?
Sapphira: A Fallen Woman
Acts 5:1-11
Biracial Concerns
My grandson is dating a woman of another race. With all the prejudice in the world, I'm worried it will cause him grief. How can I get over this?
Clouded Visions
See how familiar you are with clouds in the Bible.
Prophetic Dreams?
A good friend says he has bad dreams—and often they come true! How is this possible?

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February 22, 2017
Cancer May Take My Life, But It Can Never Take My Hope
Cancer May Take My Life, But It Can Never Take My Hope
Choosing mundane faithfulness in the face of a terminal illness
May 25

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