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What I'm Learning About ... Guilt

What I'm Learning About ... Guilt

Self-imposed guilt can make you feel like a failure—but the truth of God's Word can give you confidence to live in God's love and grace.

Guilt. Shame. Regret. Even the sound of those words are cringe-worthy and disappointing. So many Christian women live stuck under the weight of guilt. And while genuine guilt serves an important purpose in drawing us back to God, too often we seek forgiveness and then continue to carry the burden of shame. We asked several church leaders to share about their experiences with guilt and how they were able to get out from under its weight. Here's what they shared.

By Brenda Jank

With the relentless sobbing of three preschoolers ringing in my ears, I succumbed to a full-blown mommy-meltdown. I sank into the nearest chair overwhelmed and shaking. For months I'd been running ragged on the fumes of an empty tank.

The reality of this truth threatened every fiber of my being. I adored my "three musketeers" (all in diapers), who kept me running. But I also continued to minister to a host of people through golden opportunities I couldn't resist. Lost in waves of failure and pain, I felt my husband's hand on my shoulder. I looked up to find him holding out my Bible, my purse, and the car keys.

"Brenda, it's time for a break." His eyes were kind. "We'll be okay."

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October 2009

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