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December 2010

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Giving My Credit Card a Rest
I wanted to simplify. But could I really put a stop to all my spending?
Breathing Space
Three secrets to creating more room in your life for God
Could God have a sanctifying purpose for the sadness I feel?
60 Days to . . . a Simpler Life
A Family of Our Own
My son was so distant. Would helping another family bring him back to me?
The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done
I had a lot to learn about having a happy marriage
Singing of Mother Mary
Singing of Mother Mary
In our efforts to differentiate ourselves from unbiblical approaches to Mary, have we swung the pendulum too far the other direction?

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May 27, 2017
The 3 Best Questions a Mentor Can Ask
The 3 Best Questions a Mentor Can Ask
My friend helped me listen . . . to me
May 25

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