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May 2010

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Close Encounters with a Snake Subscriber access only

My fears paralyzed me. But I discovered a simple and powerful weapon.

Fueled to Run Subscriber access only

My husband's words produced a change within me.
Hospitality for Introverts

Hospitality for Introverts

How can you practice hospitality when you'd rather be alone?

Hospitality for the Domestically Challenged Subscriber access only

Three women discuss the truth behind welcoming people into our homes.

Marriage Without Myths Subscriber access only

A look at true biblical submission

Silent Arguments Subscriber access only

What's the point to arguing with my husband when I can recite both parts in my head and eliminate the aggravation? Here's what else I've learned about conflict.

Finding My Own Voice Subscriber access only

Finding My Own Voice
Thriving In a Stepfamily

Thriving In a Stepfamily Subscriber access only

Understanding what your stepkids are thinking and why can bring strength to your family.

Patricia Raybon: A Few Thoughts on Prayer

Why doesn't God answer our prayers?

Invocation of the Trinity Subscriber access only

A group recitation of the traditional prayer.
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