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November, 2010

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Come, Thou Fount
This hymn acknowledges God as the giver of every blessing.
From Gratitude Comes Joy
Author Sally Clarkson has found the best discipline is to look for God's fingerprints in each moment.
Editor's Note
Being grateful for everything.
When Gratitude Leads to Mercy
When Gratitude Leads to Mercy
It's just that easy.
"Why Me?"
The older I get, the more I realize that's the wrong question to ask.
Complain, Complain
What I miss in life when I focus on criticizing.
Radical Gratitude
What a dying friend taught me about being thankful "in all things."
Keeping Up with the Joneses
Keeping Up with the Joneses
I'm as guilty of me-too-ism as the next person, but what does that really say about my commitment to be a person of transformative contentment?

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May 24, 2016
Mercy for My Mistakes
Mercy for My Mistakes
Psalm 51

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