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August 2011

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Forced to Face My Issue with GraceSubscriber Access Only
How God used my gallbladder to show me an area in my life that needed work
Pestering PrayersSubscriber Access Only
How does God really feel when we wrestle with him about our requests?
Why One Isn't the Loneliest Number
Why One Isn't the Loneliest NumberSubscriber Access Only
Alone isn't the same as lonely.
A Great Date with Your SpouseSubscriber Access Only
Even when you can't afford a fancy night out
60 Days to ... A Servant's HeartSubscriber Access Only
One Family's Resonse to Neighborhood Violence
One Family's Resonse to Neighborhood Violence
When bullets started going off in my community, I discovered I had more power than I realized to do something about it.
10 Non-Obnoxious Ways to Share Your Faith at Work
10 Non-Obnoxious Ways to Share Your Faith at WorkSubscriber Access Only
Use these ideas to help you integrate faith and work.
Taking God to the Grocery StoreSubscriber Access Only
Did God want to use my extreme couponing as a ministry?
Till Bedtime Do We Part
Till Bedtime Do We PartSubscriber Access Only
If you love your spouse but can't sleep in the same room, there's hope for you.
Office Supplies and ScriptureSubscriber Access Only
The stuff we bring to our Bible study that prohibits us from learning
Prone to WanderSubscriber Access Only
Why is going back to my first love so difficult sometimes?
Raising Your Children's ChildrenSubscriber Access Only
Reagent, catalyst, or crucible to your lifestyle and marriage?
The Butterfly EffectSubscriber Access Only
Is it possible that the small things I do can make a difference all over the world and into the future?
A Narrative ProblemSubscriber Access Only
Our stories can define us in both good ways and bad. Too often I was choosing the bad.

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May 02, 2016
When Your Marriage Doesn't Measure Up
When Your Marriage Doesn't Measure Up
Comparing your husband to others may be killing your relationship.

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