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May/June Issue issue

May/June, 2011

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Nancy Beach: Cultivate a Sabbath Attitude
Nancy Beach: Cultivate a Sabbath AttitudeSubscriber Access Only
Why we need to slow down and delight in God.
Lord, Teach Us to Play
Lord, Teach Us to PlaySubscriber Access Only
Why our Sabbath might be missing some serious fun.
Restore Your Soul
Restore Your SoulSubscriber Access Only
It's simply being obedient about two things.
A Break from AnxietySubscriber Access Only
The Good Shepherd offers us the peace we need.
Editor's Note
The Sabbath as a gift from God.
A Palace of TimeSubscriber Access Only
What would you do if all your work was done?
Life-giving ForceSubscriber Access Only
Author and Sabbath-keeper Keri Wyatt Kent shares the joy and surprising discoveries of taking a day off every week.
The Sabbath Experiment
The Sabbath ExperimentSubscriber Access Only
A few steps to experience Sabbath peace
Set ApartSubscriber Access Only
In today's culture, what does it mean to keep the Sabbath holy?
Keri Wyatt Kent: Creating Space for God
Keri Wyatt Kent: Creating Space for GodSubscriber Access Only
You can't love in a hurry--start slowing down and trusting God to create meaning in everyday tasks.

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Leading Those Who Are Different from You
Leading Those Who Are Different from You
From gender to race to politics to class, here’s what it takes to lead across differences.

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