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The Kyria brand (2009-2012) changed to Today's Christian Woman in 2012.
November/December Issue

November/December, 2011: Acceptance, with Anita Lustrea, Carolyn Custis James, and Katie Brazelton

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In This Issue

Forgiving Myself

Forgiving Myself Subscriber access only

It's difficult to accept God's call on my life when I can't let go of guilt and shame.

Who Am I? Subscriber access only

Pull off the expectations and become the woman God designed you to be.

Editor's Note

The act of self-acceptance.

Blue Eyes Are Better Subscriber access only

What if God has a plan for our physical quirks?

Freedom from Self-Condemnation Subscriber access only

I no longer look back at what I've done wrong.
Use Your Gifts

Use Your Gifts Subscriber access only

Who did God create you to be?
"God, What Were You Thinking?"

"God, What Were You Thinking?" Subscriber access only

I wanted to be all the things my friends were. Had God made a mistake?
A Walk in Freedom

A Walk in Freedom Subscriber access only

Anita Lustrea is passionate about women becoming fully who God created them to be.

Longing for Respect Subscriber access only

Do women have a lifelong battle with being taken seriously?
When Fears Hold You Back

When Fears Hold You Back Subscriber access only

Will our weakness trump God's strength?

Working Toward Acceptance Subscriber access only

Three steps to make this spiritual practice really work for you.

Anita Lustrea: The Value of Deep Relationships

Why investing in deep, personal, and authentic friendships is worth it.
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