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What I'm Learning About: Prayer

What I'm Learning About: Prayer

Learning to pray for each other and ourselves

Following Jesus's lead to pray without ceasing can take us from simple dialogue to deep intercession on behalf of others. Here's what four women have been learning about the importance of taking time to pray for each other and ourselves.

Sherri Langton

It had been a hurricane week. Personal struggles had stormed my heart and left a trail of emotional debris. Even sleep didn't relieve the fatigue. Was it the week's events, or just my body's edging into midlife that had made me so weary?

Grateful for the weekend, I knelt in the living room Saturday morning for prayer time, which always included a long list of requests for others, but my mouth couldn't form any words. Tears bubbled to the surface, and before long my only conversation with God became a cascade of sobs over my frustrations.

I didn't pray for anyone else that morning, but just laid my raw emotions before God. After some time, I dried my eyes and rose to start the day. A strange peace blanketed my heart—a ...

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October 2011

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