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What I'm Learning About: Community

What I'm Learning About: Community

Fostering community is a Biblical principle that shouldn’t be taken lightly

Community is the wellspring of the Christian life. From protection from spiritual attack to gaining trust in God, here are some reasons why you should invest time in life-giving Christian community.

Holly Vicente Robaina
Nicole Unice
Anita Lustrea

I saw the crumpled paper out of the corner of my eye while talking to an acquaintance at the end of choir rehearsal. I finished my conversation, bent over, and picked up the paper to toss it in the wastebasket. At the last second I uncrumpled and read it.

I saw my handwriting.

I love to sing; singing in the choir fed my soul. The choir room was my sacred space. Our choir director usually started us with vocal warm-ups, then we'd rehearse a few anthems before taking a break for devotions. We exchanged prayer requests at the end of each break. We wrote them down and put them in a basket, then took one from the basket as it made its way back around.

This evening was different. Our choir director asked us to write down a personal prayer ...

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October 2011

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