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December 2012

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Cultivating Time Alone with GodSubscriber Access Only
God is asking us to come near to him, so what’s keeping us from taking time to recharge and allow God to speak to us?
Learning from Mothers of the BibleSubscriber Access Only
Ancient women still speak to us
Mary Was an (Extra)Ordinary WomanSubscriber Access Only
Our value as God's daughters goes deeper than earthly qualifications
The Year I Couldn't Save ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
I discovered our most important Christmas task
Return to EdenSubscriber Access Only
An artist's metaphor for building intimacy in marriage
Jumping to ConclusionsSubscriber Access Only
My struggle with pride and assumptions always got me in the same mess. How could I stop?
Evangelism and Christian TeensSubscriber Access Only
What one survey revealed about their beliefs and practices
Family Worship at ChristmastimeSubscriber Access Only
Ideas for keeping Christ at the center
The Ugly Truth About Marriage
The Ugly Truth About Marriage
Self-centeredness and bitterness sometimes take center stage in marriage; here's how to enrich your marriage biblically
Making Christmas CountSubscriber Access Only
You don't have to spend a lot to give your family what they really want for Christmas
Yes, Virginia, He Is Real After AllSubscriber Access Only
Jesus is so much more than a baby in a manger
Riding the Waves of Life . . . TogetherSubscriber Access Only
Turns out marriage and kayaking the Na Pali Coast have a lot in common
Venerate Mary?Subscriber Access Only
One conversation with a Catholic friend has stuck with me through the years.
Expecting Jesus This AdventSubscriber Access Only
When Christ came to earth as a baby, he chose to enter into every aspect of our lives. Have you consciously let him into yours?

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