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January 2012

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The Surprising Delight of Confession
The Surprising Delight of Confession
There’s something freeing when we call sin what it is in our lives.
Do You See Me?
Recognizing your spouse's hidden sacrifices—and saying thanks
Caregiving Grace
How to tend to others without burning out
Giving Up Worry
A coworker’s words recently led me to an unnerving discovery: I have a anxiety addiction. Here's what I--by God's grace--did about it.
Why Young Men Aren't Manning Up
Why Young Men Aren't Manning Up
It's difficult to turn boys to men. What to do about those who are M.I.A.
Following God's Lead in Our Prayers
Praying for others taught me a lesson about my own life.
Flip Sides
I'm learning to appreciate my husband's most annoying traits
What Should We Do with Unwanted Pregnancies?
What Should We Do with Unwanted Pregnancies?
We may inadvertently push women into abortions by our responses. Here are 6 ways to keep that from happening.
Together on Holy Ground
I put some of my dreams on hold to help my husband realize his—and experienced the presence of God.
The Grace of Confession
The Grace of Confession
Admitting you are wrong is the doorway to growth and change in your relationship.
Beautiful by Design
Why we're lovely at any size
I Lost Everything in a House Fire
I was forced to decide if I truly could be grateful in all circumstances.

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August 21, 2017
“I’m Sorry You Were Offended . . .” “I’m Sorry You Were Offended . . .”
Navigating a culture of nonapology
May 25

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