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July 2012

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Out There, In Here

Out There, In Here

Understanding marriage between extroverts and introverts

Diving for Olympic Gold

Was I pushing my daughter into my dreams for her?

Conquering Stepdad Mountain

It's a long, hard climb and you need to be prepared
Parenting Again, Like It or Not

Parenting Again, Like It or Not

What to do when you find yourself caring for your child's child
In a Difficult Marriage?

In a Difficult Marriage?

Some things you can do to stick it out

Alcohol and My Child

I felt so powerless to help my son with his addiction
My Goal: Gratitude

My Goal: Gratitude

Resolve to stop taking your spouse for granted

A Challenge to the Chronically Underchallenged

The message much of the church gives women—and what we should do about that.
How We Define Ourselves

How We Define Ourselves

Like us, our children need to understand that life really is all about God

In the Midst of Enduring Hardships

I had a lot in common with Nik Wallenda, who walked across the Niagara Falls on a tightrope. But could I succeed and survive too?

Marriage Takes Courage

In great battles, God often starts by redirecting heroes
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