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Social Allergies: Are You at Risk?

Strategies to help you stay calm in stressful situations with others

A Marriage Fast

Try this discipline to welcome God's sustenance and transformational power in your marriage
My Fairytale Marriage

My Fairytale Marriage

We can love better when we let go of our romantic dreams

A Father's Gifts

Your influence may determine your child's future

A Visit with the Bride

What I would say to my young self, if I could, on the day of my wedding
Why Are We Afraid?

Why Are We Afraid?

Facing fear with faith
I Just Want to Be "Comfortable Enough"

I Just Want to Be "Comfortable Enough"

Is it really worth chasing after the American Dream?
Don't Settle for a Stereotypical Marriage

Don't Settle for a Stereotypical Marriage

God gives spouses a unique and purposeful voice in each other's lives

Christ Was There, All the Time

From Soviet Russia to the United States, one family has experienced religious freedom regardless of political government systems.
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