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What I'm Learning About . . . Thankfulness

What I'm Learning About . . . Thankfulness

This Thanksgiving and holiday season, don't caught up in the hustle and bustle of travel, in-laws, and cornucopia. Instead, give thanks! Here are tips from four women who have weathered life's storms with gratitude.

During the holiday season, we often become overwhelmed by meticulous details and planning that causes us to take our eyes off the giver of our blessings. This collection features advice and encouragement from four women who believe it's important to remember the importance of thanking God for everything—even adversity. Here are some tips on how to stay thankful in our marriages, parenting, and spiritual lives—even in the midst of chaos.

Make Thankfulness Happen

As different as husbands and wives are, we need this foundational point of connection

When David promised me "with all my worldly goods I thee endow," an honest-to-goodness titter passed through the crowd at ...

Raising Thankful Kids

How to develop the virtue of gratefulness

Usually the picture of serenity, Maria stomped into our Moms in Touch prayer group. "I hate my children," she stormed. "They're ...

Giving Thanks

13 creative ways to encourage gratefulness this thanksgiving

Turkey Day! It's the name little ones often use to refer to Thanksgiving. And no wonder. From the moment we put that big ...

Grateful Prayers

Sometimes saying "thank you" to God is a lot tougher than it sounds.

While leading a women's Bible study, we started to talk about thanksgiving. The Bible is full of admonishments to be thankful ...

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