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September/October, 2012

The Kyria brand (2009-2012) changed to Today's Christian Woman in 2012.

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From the Editor

Welcome to the New TCW!

A note to you from the editor

Focus On

Me? A Hero of the Faith? Subscriber access only

Focus on . . . Outreach

Bible Study

How Not to Put God First

How Not to Put God First Subscriber access only

There may be a better way

Marriage Partnership

I Wish He Were More Spiritual Subscriber access only

Relationship Q&A

Parent Connect

No More Meltdown

No More Meltdown Subscriber access only

Parenting Q&A

TCW Talks to

TCW Talks with . . . Angela Thomas Subscriber access only

A Q&A with about genuine joy

TCW Profile

Trafficking the Girl Next Door

Trafficking the Girl Next Door

Katariina Rosenblatt knows what it is to be caught in the world of sexual exploitation. Now she works with the FBI and local authorities to minister to other girls who find themselves in the same place.


Declare Dignity Subscriber access only

A homeless man, God, and treating others as if they matter.
3 World-Changer Things You Can Do Before Breakfast

3 World-Changer Things You Can Do Before Breakfast Subscriber access only

Sure, you're just trying to keep your sanity in the mornings, but in the meantime you can also attain superhero status!

Is God Really Listening? Subscriber access only

When our prayers seem to hit the ceiling, we can know that God isn't ignoring us.
God's Neighborhood Plan

God's Neighborhood Plan Subscriber access only

Our street was changing. Was I powerless to do anything about it?
Transforming Experiences

Transforming Experiences Subscriber access only

Help your kids encounter God any time, anywhere.

Also Highlighted In This Issue

Believing God

You are his delight and are made for a purpose.
By Kasey Van Norman

If you have ever felt unworthy or unqualified to believe that God will fulfill great purposes in your life, this article is for you. Kasey Van Norman, a woman who has struggled with insecurity and acceptance, looks at Abraham's insecurities in the Bible and what we can learn from them. Check out "Believing God."

Take a look at some of these women who are battling human trafficking.

Agent of Change

Why former U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith is compelled to combat sexual slavery—one young woman's life at a time
By Jane Johnson Struck

Not in My Town

How 3 women (and you!) are fighting sex trafficking
By Keri Wyatt Kent

Shining Hope in the Red Light District

A journalist's eye-opening account of the European sex trade and people who minister to prostituted women
By Dawn Herzog Jewell

From Generation to Generation

The legacy of a joyful life
By Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas is a woman who understands joy and the power of living a legacy that points to our God of joy. In this blog post, Angela shares a story about her grandmother and Angela's desire to pass on lessons learned to the next generation.

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