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What I'm Learning About: Depression

We can't always control darkness that invades our lives, but we can control how we respond to it.

We can't always control darkness that invades our lives, but we can control how we respond to it. Here's how four women have learned to seek help and depend on God in times of darkness and despair.

Surprised by Depression

Discovering my enemy had a name helped turn my marriage around

My husband came home from work and found me, as usual, huddled in one corner of the sofa listening to the clock tick. Our ...

Holly Vicente Robaina


Could God have a sanctifying purpose for the sadness I feel?

Earlier this week, I realized I've been really depressed. I had no appetite. I couldn't sleep at night—though I did ...

Suffering Together

Allowing pain to nourish your marriage

I'm not sure how long Jeramy and I sat in the hospital parking lot. It might have been fifteen minutes; it could ...

Lord, Why Won't You Help Me?

How I quit whining and learned to depend on God

"Lord, why won't you help me?"

How often I've moaned those words. Although God has intervened repeatedly in miraculous ways ...

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What I'm Learning About: Depression