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What I'm Learning About: Worship

What I'm Learning About: Worship

Thoughts on experiencing intimacy, awe, and freedom before an all-powerful God

In days filled with activity, noise, and demands, it can be difficult to get your heart aligned in a proper state of worship before God. Here are hints and tips from busy mothers, Biblical scholars, and authors on how to worship God in the throes of everyday life.

JoHannah Reardon

Worship Service Blues

How to worship at a church that doesn't fit your worship preferences

Brenda* loved her church in Phoenix with its high-energy, contemporary worship services. Electric guitars and the beat of ...

I Was Made to Worship

It was my kids who taught me how

What is worship?

Before I had children, I thought worship was the amazing feeling I got when I sang at my piano, or the awe-inspired ...

Nicole Unice

Freedom Is Waiting

Are you willing to do the work to be set free?

It was a graveside memorial service for a young girl in our church community. She was born with a terminal illness; her ...

The Two Sides of Worship

How do we balance intimacy and awe?

Worship offers a great challenge: to live in fear of God (Revelation 14:7) while walking with him in friendship. How do ...

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