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What I'm Learning About – Forgiveness

What I'm Learning About – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a choice to let go of our resentment towards others and to start loving them as Christ does.

Finding forgiveness for someone who deeply hurt you may be hard to do, but God tells us that forgiveness has no limits. We must learn to forgive just as Jesus forgave us. There is a freedom that comes from letting go of bitterness or resentment. Learn to restore relationships through the act of forgiveness.

What Forgiveness Isn't

6 myths that may be keeping you from letting go.

I listened quietly as my friend Jamie told me the frank details of the sexual abuse she'd suffered as a child.

"I ...

No Apology

How do I forgive someone who hasn't said, "I'm sorry"?

Q. How do I forgive someone who hasn't said "I'm sorry"?

A. Your question makes me think of my friend ...

The Power of Forgiveness in Marriage

When we let go of wrongs, we loosen Satan's grasp on our relationships

Does your flesh seem to crawl when you come into contact with certain people? When you hear the sound of their voice, does ...

Unburden Your Heart

Choosing forgiveness means choosing freedom.

In Luke 5:18-26, we read of a full house of people who had come from all around the region to hear Jesus teach. A paralyzed ...

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