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A Gift Wrapped in Chapter & Verse

A Gift Wrapped in Chapter & Verse

This Christmas, help your kids recite God’s Word for someone they love

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Choose Well When to Unveil the Gift

Decide in advance when you will present your gift, so that all involved are prepared. You may want to announce the presentation of your gift, or bring the Scripture out as a surprise, as we did. The first time you offer this type of gift, particularly if you're including children, you may want to make it a private moment. Reciting in front of a large gathering of extended relatives can feel more like a performance and creates unnecessary jitters.

Keep It Real

Be natural as you speak the passage. Focus on your listener. And don't worry if the words don't come out perfectly. Chances are mistakes will go unnoticed or will serve to merely add a human touch.

In the years since that Christmas story recitation, there have been other gifts. But none so precious. In the years since, we've memorized other passages, but none have held the vibrancy of the one memorized in secret and extended as gift. In the years since, we have had the opportunity as a family to re-gift the passage to our entire church congregation as part of the Advent celebration.

My daughters and I still recall the words of Luke 2—not just the parts we recited individually, but the entire story. It has been inked on our hearts. In that way, the gift we gave, we also received.

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Lara Krupicka is a journalist and speaker who works to equip and encourage parents to make the most of their children's growing up years. She and her husband, Mike, and their three girls make their home in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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