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Help! I Can't Eat Just One Sugar Cookie

Help! I Can't Eat Just One Sugar Cookie

Three questions to ask, and seven tips for handling your holiday food triggers
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With visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads, songs about desserts blasting over mall speakers, and excess food and drink at every turn, it's the most tempting time of the year. Add in the extra holiday pressures and demands, and you have a recipe for disaster. For those of us who struggle to eat healthy and avoid food triggers that cause us to binge, the holidays can be far from sweet. Is there any way to avoid eating those delectable sugar cookies? Especially when you know that "just eating one" has never been an option for you?

I spent years struggling with my food triggers, especially my sugar addiction. But I've learned how to live free of your emotional and food triggers, and you can too. If you're recovering from an unhealthy relationship with food, you can survive the holidays by simply planning ahead. Map out your plan now, and you'll be amazed at the success you can enjoy, even during the holidays! Here are three questions to consider this holiday season:

Challenge the Holiday Status Quo

Ask yourself this: Who says I have to "have some" because it's the holidays? Just because everyone else is having something excessive to eat and drink doesn't mean I must too. Just because my favorite aunt made that pie doesn't mean I have to have some to not offend her.
Tell yourself this: This is my body. I will live with the consequences of what I eat, not my aunt!

Remember Your Wants and Wishes

Ask yourself this: What is sweeter: the momentary taste of all that cheesecake, or success in reaching my goals? How has the "I'll begin again after the holidays" idea worked in the past?
Tell yourself this: I am doing this! I'm succeeding each moment, day, and week at a time! It's easier to stay on track than struggle to restart.

Confront What's Naughty and Nice

Indulging in trigger foods at the office holiday party can be as disastrous as an alcoholic having one toast of liquor on New Year's Eve. For so many of us, even one taste of whatever triggers our binge eating, triggers a physiological reaction. Does one sugar cookie lead to an entire platter? What about a bite of that candy cane cheesecake?

Be honest about what triggers your overeating, and try these seven tips to ease the holiday temptations:

1. Find out what's on the menu. Decide what to eat before facing overwhelming options. When you can't know the menu, you can still decide: I need veggies, protein, healthy carbs, and some fat. I do not need sweets or appetizers unless they are healthy and I eat a limited amount. I do not need seconds. You can also offer to bring something healthy so you have what you need.

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