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January 2013

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Perpetual Pursuit Subscriber access only

God continues to seek us even after we begin following him.
Public Enemy #1

Public Enemy #1 Subscriber access only

The insidious thing that steals your joy and health—and what you can do to take back control.
Feeling Like the Runner-Up?

Feeling Like the Runner-Up? Subscriber access only

Despite how we feel on those crazy parenting days, God doesn't ask us to be anyone but ourselves
A Lesson in Love

A Lesson in Love Subscriber access only

The gift my father unknowingly gave helps me see past my children's mistakes to their hearts
Dancing through Darknesss

Dancing through Darknesss Subscriber access only

When I lost my sight, God gave us a new kind of  vision for our marriage.

Downton Abbey, My Marriage, and Me Subscriber access only

What the popular television series is teaching me about the values of marriage and community.
Small Is the Call

Small Is the Call Subscriber access only

The really good news about the adventure of Christian service
What I Find Most Attractive About Your Husband

What I Find Most Attractive About Your Husband Subscriber access only

It's the one thing I like best about a man

Sticking With Love Subscriber access only

Here are a few reasons why, in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., love should always win over hate.

Powerful Prayers for Peace and Rest Subscriber access only

Life can easily spiral out of control, but not when prayer becomes a priority.
Mission: Quiet Suburban Life

Mission: Quiet Suburban Life Subscriber access only

I had committed to do anything for Christ—but was I willing to be ordinary?
Adoption, Expectations, and a Greater Love

Adoption, Expectations, and a Greater Love Subscriber access only

Was I the only adoptive mother who felt so little connection to her children?
Building a Divorce-Proof Marriage

Building a Divorce-Proof Marriage Subscriber access only

Tips from what we learned—the hard way

In the Shadow of Death Subscriber access only

To survive I need hope, so if faith and the hope of life beyond the grave is a crutch for the weak, sign me up.
Nurturing Faith and Curiosity

Nurturing Faith and Curiosity Subscriber access only

Living the questions is good for kids
Cleaning Up the Swamp

Cleaning Up the Swamp Subscriber access only

Using creative discipline with older kids
God's Authority in Oneness

God's Authority in Oneness  Subscriber access only

Marriage is more about unity than control

What Are You Waiting For?  Subscriber access only

I started the new year jobless, and have been learning what it means to wait and trust in the Lord.

3 Ways to Stop Human Trafficking at Home and Abroad Subscriber access only

Speakers at the 2013 Passion Conference taught me why it’s important to help stop human trafficking worldwide and motivated me to step up.
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