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What I'm Learning About ... Setting Goals

What I'm Learning About ... Setting Goals

New Years' resolutions don't always stick, so here are some hints and tips on how to accomplish goals and ambitions with faith and encouragement in Christ.

New Years' resolutions sometimes crumble within a couple of days. Here's some encouragement and helpful hints on how lowering the expectations we have of ourselves may enable us to stay closer to Christ and accomplish more—like working out and sleeping.

Get Physical

How to strengthen your abs as well as your marriage

You there. Yeah, you. Flopped on the couch, watching some ESPN workout show. Telling your spouse, "Y'know, we oughta ...

Capable, Called . . . and Exhausted

It's okay to lower our expectations. Really.

Forget "Aim High" and "Be All You Can Be." This Army of One has a new motto: Aim Lower. For women today, ...

Of Goals and Grace

Grace and unconditional love should always win over works based in guilt and pride

"Did you make any New Year's resolutions?" my friend Jill asked me when we were at my friend's New Year's ...

Nothing Personal

Her eyes were on the prize and she wanted my help.

Tricia (not her real name) was 14 when she asked me to advise her on a special project. She wanted to work toward a national ...

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