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Why I Raise My Kids with God

A Christian response to TXBlue08’s popular CNN blog post on rearing children without a belief in God.

TXBlue08, a Texas mom of two, recently set the internet buzzing with her article, "Why I Raise My Children Without God." Read by more than 750,000 people so far, thousands are enthusiastically recommending her article, while others find her assertions so offensive they're asking CNN to take the article down.

TXBlue08 outlines several reasons why she decided to stop perpetuating the "illogical legend of God" with her kids; instead she's chosen a path of intentional honesty, teaching her kids what she has come to believe about life and religion.

Unlike many of TXBlue08's internet detractors, I don't find her article offensive. In fact, several of the "bones" she has to pick with religion are issues that bother me as well. Her questions are good ones, and many of her criticisms are valid. But as a mom of three, I choose to raise my kids with God—to purposefully grow them up within the church and Christian tradition. It's not because I've been fooled by a myth or because I simply need a crutch like God or a fictional heaven in order to feel good about life.

So why do I raise my kids to believe in God?

Because we are more than blood and bones. Atheism offers us this inevitable conclusion: We humans are ultimately nothing more than blood and bones, animated matter, carbon and water and nitrogen. Our sense of "self" is merely a perception caused by the snapping neurons of our brain. But this naturalist view of the world discounts what cultures worldwide, on every continent and throughout the centuries, have all acknowledged through various expressions of religion, mythology, poetry, and art: There is a spiritual side of life. We humans are more than mere matter, and this life is one of joy, longing, beauty, and a searching after truth. I raise my children with God because I affirm what they inherently experience to be true: Life is imbued with meaning that strict naturalism cannot even come close to explaining.

Because of human dignity. I raise my kids with God because I want them to deep-down-in-the-gut know that every human life is sacred. From the fetus in the womb to the physically or mentally handicapped to the elderly and infirm, Christianity affirms the essential dignity and significance of every human life. This pro-life understanding is about much more than opposing abortion; Scripture's radical assertion that all humans are made in the image of God is what led people such as Martin Luther King Jr. and his fellow civil rights activists to fight against racist Jim Crow laws and Mother Teresa to tend the sores of outcast, "untouchable" lepers. It's what mobilizes throngs of Christians today to actively combat human trafficking and what unites environmentally-concerned Christians in an effort to fight climate change and its devastating effects among the world's poor and marginalized. This belief in human dignity is particularly critical as I raise daughters in a world still fraught with sexism. As a follower of the Christ who boldly confronted sexist cultural taboos, I aim to raise my daughters with confidence in their own God-given value.

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Posted January 28, 2013

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