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What I'm Learning About - Social Justice

What I'm Learning About - Social Justice

Social justice is more than just acting with compassion, it's taking real action to make sure people in our communities are valued and treated fairly.
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God has given us tools to make a difference in his kingdom for the oppressed and hurting. It's up to us to use those tools to stop injustice. Here are some stories that can encourage us to make a difference and help the physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of people in communities around the world.

Setting Captives Free

A sex-trafficking survivor courageously shares her story in hopes of sparing other women the same horror.

Ruth Ada Kamara had just finished high school in 1987 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, when her boyfriend broke her heart. ...

Ginger E. Kolbaba

Looking the Other Way

How often do I see injustice and fail to act?

Several months ago, within the span of about two weeks, I received two separate e-mails that were so disturbing they made ...

Everyday Choices

Do the decisions we make 'really' affect others?

It sounds great to talk about healing the world, but it's a tad harder to figure out how to do so. We may not think ...

JoHannah Reardon

Justice in the Suburbs

It 'is' possible for each of us to make a resounding difference in the world—no matter where we live. Theologian Kara Powell tells us how.

Kara Powell drives a minivan, is a soccer mom, and lives in the suburbs. Just the average Christian woman. But several years ...

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