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What I'm Learning About: Fatherhood

What I'm Learning About: Fatherhood

Learning to see fatherhood as a special gift from God.
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A father plays an important role in a child's life. Stay-at-home dads, single dads, and working dads are all equally important in their roles as teacher, mentor, protector, encourager, provider, disciplinarian, and leader. Here are some reasons to appreciate and ways to celebrate the father figures in our lives.

Equal Recognition for Equal Work

Why don't working dads get the credit they deserve?

"We just don't know how you manage it all," a colleague tells me. I'm checking my mail in the university's English office. ...

The Stay-at-Home Dad

Why some Christian couples are choosing to reverse roles and how it affects their marriages.

When Eric and Jody courted during graduate school, they assumed that when the time came to raise a family, Eric would ...

Greg Asimakoupoulos

How Dads Can Bond

Simple ways dads can connect with a new little life.

When it comes to bonding with a new baby, there's no doubt that mothers have a running start. After all, it's often ...

Long-distance Dad

Ideas for keeping a connection with your children while you're away.

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Heather B

August 04, 2014  4:16pm

The father's role is so critical in the foundation and future lives or our kids. We've been reading a great new, actually renewed book, I think all dads with your understanding would enjoy. Great for all dads of daughters. We're loving it, so I have to share... It's called “She Calls Me Daddy: 7 Things You Need to Know About Building a Complete Daughter,” by Robert Wolgemuth. Originally released in the 90s, it was a best seller. His girls are grown up and give their own input along with their husbands who are daddies to girls. I understand 40% of the book is new material. It's so unique in this way. Robert puts the anxieties of Daddy raising his girl(s) to rest, guiding you through challenges and good times – protecting, conversation, affection, discipline, laughter, faith, conduct. So great for helping daddies learn to lead, love and cherish. I highly recommend it! http://www.tyndale.com/She-Calls-Me-Daddy/9781589977853#.U7jH414Q7wI

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