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What I'm Learning About: Abortion

What I'm Learning About: Abortion

Bringing the dark to light

According to a Gallup poll conducted for the National Association of Evangelicals, 79 percent of evangelicals believe having a baby outside of marriage is morally wrong. These figures suggest that an unmarried evangelical who unexpectedly becomes pregnant may face a challenging situation in relation to her church community. Here are stories on the importance of grace and bringing what's dark to light.

Her Secret Heartache

Ways to respond when a friend reveals she's had an abortion.

After an intense discussion about grace during our women's Bible study, my friend Susan seemed disturbed when she left. ...

Parents with a Past

Should I tell my teen daughters about the sins of my youth?

I looked into the antique jar full of seashells my family and I had gathered on our vacations, and tried to ignore the nudging ...

I Had an Abortion

And that terrible secret was killing our marriage.

You're late. Again," I said as I glared at my husband, Art.

"I'm sorry. Traffic was a nightmare."

Not the traffic excuse again, ...

Leslie Leyland Fields

Hope and Help for an Unexpected Pregnancy

What to do when a surprise baby is coming

Sherry stood by the bathroom sink, eyes locked on a pregnancy test stick. She closed her eyes tightly for one last prayer: ...

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