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April Week 4, 2014

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From the Editor

Learning to Love My Not-So-Fancy Job

Learning to Love My Not-So-Fancy Job

Sometimes menial work is the most important

Feature Articles

3 Keys for Finding Your Calling

3 Keys for Finding Your Calling Subscriber access only

Practical ways to discover God's will
Considering Working at Home?

Considering Working at Home? Subscriber access only

Learn from my mistakes. Please.
Amy Sherman on Redeeming Work

Amy Sherman on Redeeming Work Subscriber access only

Why our job matters

Inspirational Image

Genesis 2:2

Genesis 2:2

A pattern for rest

Bonus Articles

Let Them See Us Working

Let Them See Us Working

How my computer time models honorable work for my tinies
Career, Calling, and "Pootling Sideways"

Career, Calling, and "Pootling Sideways"

A new approach to work, life, and doing it all