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April Week 5 issue

April Week 5, 2014

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Me, My Selfie, and I
Who I am online
Smartphones, Spirituality, and the State of Our Souls
Smartphones, Spirituality, and the State of Our Souls
Learning to tweet, text, post, pin, link . . . and really live
How to Have #CivilDiscourse Online
How to Have #CivilDiscourse Online
5 steps to take before sharing your convictions
Crossing the Digital Divide
Does technology have to deepen the generation gap?

Bonus Articles

If I See One More Selfie . . .
Finding freedom from social-media envy
Real Connection in a Digital World
Can we build deep friendships in a shallow world of online communication?
Sleeping with the Enemy?
Yes, my smartphone is my bedside companion

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October 26, 2016
Black Women and the <i>Imago Dei</i> Black Women and the Imago Dei
We are all—together—the fullest representation of God.
May 25

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