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How to Love Life Regardless of Your Love Life

How to Love Life Regardless of Your Love Life

Encouragement from Mandy Hale, “The Single Woman,” to brighten your Valentine’s Day
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Mandy Hale is on a mission to empower women everywhere to never settle for less than God's best. Known as "The Single Woman" and a Twitter powerhouse, Mandy has made a platform for herself by inspiring single women everywhere to practice joyful living regardless of their relationship status.

Mandy's new book, I've Never Been to Vegas, but My Luggage Has, hits the shelves in March. In it, Mandy shares her journey of past relationships, faith, and how "happily ever after" is not as far off as we think it is. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Today's Christian Woman caught up with Mandy to hear her thoughts on singleness.

Sometimes the only way God can get us to listen to him is to set us apart and put us in a season that seems like isolation, but it's really an opportunity for us to hear him.

Why do you think some women feel that being single is synonymous with being lonely?

I've had moments where I start to look around and wonder why it feels like I am on the outside looking in—everyone else is out with couples and doing amazing things with their friends. I've found that those seasons of loneliness have happened because God is trying to speak into my heart. If we aren't willing to drown out the noise by ourselves, then he comes in and removes the distractions. The loneliest times are when God speaks the loudest. There has never been a lonely season of my life that I haven't had a great breakthrough with God. As a single woman there will most likely be lonely moments, but it doesn't mean that a lonely moment is an alone moment or an empty moment. It's an opportunity to draw closer to God and really listen to his voice in a unique way without being distracted.

Why do you think some women struggle with feeling like their lives won't start until they have a ring on their finger?

I think it's an epidemic with women that they feel they aren't whole or worthy without a relationship. I think our culture is somewhat to blame. The influence of culture causes women to feel there is something wrong with them if they are single at a certain age—late twenties, thirties, and beyond. We need to get aligned with who God says we are. If you don't grasp your worth and the fact that you have a great purpose regardless your relationship status, you will never fully feel complete.

In my own journey I'm figuring out that my single time is an uninhibited time to spend with God. It's a great opportunity to chase him and figure out his will for my life. When two people come together in a relationship, they can make each other's future greater, but individually we still have a purpose for our lives that has nothing to do with a man.

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April 22, 2014  8:19am

You are an eye opener. helps me know am no alone in this journey of singlehood .

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Averyl D'sa

February 18, 2014  3:36am

Mandy Hale is a blessing from God in disguise to so many single ladies in the world. Her positivity centered on God is such a welcome relief. I am so blessed to have read her pearls of wisdom and feel great that I am absolutely NORMAL!!! There is no big deal in being single at 35 :) :) :) I am now all excited to read her soon-to-release book...Wishing her the best

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February 17, 2014  12:57pm

Great article. I think its about Gods will and whatever gives Him the MOST glory. I mean i think if God wants something done it gets done. Ive seen women who didnt want children get them and those who want them there no way to open the door. Still others God requires more work, but im of the opinion if its an option i'll pass. I want Gods best not something He'll allow me to have. Because there are some women that cant do anything but b a mom, its what Gods purpose is for them. I dont want to covet anothers purpose or calling any longer, but focus on my own, that is where you find your bliss.

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