Holy Yoga!

Going to the mat with God

God never misses an opportunity to reach out to us, and to teach us something. If I'm in crescent lunge, reaching my hands up and looking skyward, why wouldn't my heart be filled with praise and worship? If I'm curled up in child's pose, why wouldn't I trust he's protecting me? If I'm on my back in final resting pose, why shouldn't I think of it as a reminder to rest in God's presence? Yoga moves prayer beyond words and lets me feel God's presence with my body. Yoga humbles me, challenges me, relaxes me, and shapes me into something new—just like God is changing and molding me every day.

Yoga moves prayer beyond words and lets me feel God's presence with my body.

Not everyone connects with God through physical movement, and that's okay. God speaks to each of us in different ways, and calls us to pursue different things. For me, yoga is a way to rest in his presence, and use the body he created for me to praise him and thank him.

I use my time on the mat to refresh my faith and reconnect with the God who created me just as I am.

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Maggie Olson is a writer from the Midwest. Follow her on Twitter @maggiebolson.

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