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July Week 3

July Week 3, 2014: Family

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In This Issue

Grandparenting Is Risky
From the Editor

Grandparenting Is Risky Subscriber access only

Why we sign up for it anyway
How You Can Help Adopting Families

How You Can Help Adopting Families Subscriber access only

Adoption expert Sharen Ford talks about the ministry of adoptive families and how the church can support them.
Why One Dad Is Best

Why One Dad Is Best Subscriber access only

There's a lot to be said for a single, steadfast presence
Why I Don't Have Kids . . . Yet

Why I Don't Have Kids . . . Yet Subscriber access only

3 reasons I've held off so far
Why Did Early Christians Emphasize Church as Family?

Why Did Early Christians Emphasize Church as Family? Subscriber access only

Spiritual formation happens best with others, and family is the best example of Christian community

Bonus Articles

Leaving and Cleaving

Leaving and Cleaving

Why is it so much more complicated than it seems?
Your Real Family

Your Real Family

A love-hate relationship Jesus endorses
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