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May Week 3, 2014

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From the Editor

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Summer helps us recalibrate our pace and our priorities

Feature Articles

What Moves You?

What Moves You? Subscriber access only

Tips for getting off the couch and building a fit lifestyle
5 Tips for Great Dates

5 Tips for Great Dates Subscriber access only

Ditch disappointment and find real connection
Why I Love a Good Mystery

Why I Love a Good Mystery Subscriber access only

More than just a great literary genre, mysteries help us solve life’s deeper questions of faith.


Bonus Articles

Having Trouble Getting Everyone Together?

Having Trouble Getting Everyone Together?

7 easy ways to keep growing-up families from growing out of family vacations
5 Must-See Movies

5 Must-See Movies

Films and TV series you should watch this summer