Brave Mom

It Takes Courage to Raise the Next Generation

A new series examining our deepest mom-fears and how we can overcome them
It Takes Courage to Raise the Next Generation
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At MOPS (that’s Mothers of Preschoolers), we’re talking about courage this year—specifically, the courage it takes to Be You, Bravely in the midst of motherhood, marriage, and life for women who are doing the best they can to raise little people to adulthood. This central theme, and the book we published to bring women into the conversation, Brave Mom: Facing and Overcoming Your Real Mom Fears by MOPS CEO and President, Sherry Surratt, is resonating deeply with moms.

We all knew motherhood wasn’t going to be easy, but we didn’t fully realize just how much courage it takes to raise the next generation until we had a babe in arms to show for our nine months (or adoption or foster care waiting period) of effort. It takes guts to work through the fear that accompanies our little bundles of joy and to emerge victorious beyond the anxiety that can cloud our decision-making and keep us up at night.

While being a mom is an incredible source of joy and fulfillment, it’s also an opportunity for fear and worry to turn you into someone you don’t even recognize. These beautiful little people that bless our homes can cause us to have irrational thoughts and go places in our minds that we didn’t know were even there. So we’re calling an end to the silent worries and secret fearful thoughts. No more sitting alone and feeling like we are the only ones who get carried away on the worry train without so much as a map or a toothbrush. We’re going to face it openly and honestly. And with an honest look, healthy perspective and an arsenal of weapons will come. (Brave Mom)

Brave Mom invites moms into a conversation about the worries that are bogging them down and keeping them from thriving as moms. Through research and conversations with hundreds of moms, we got to the heart of what moms worry about, and the book offers practical solutions, encouragement, and hope for worried moms.

No mom is perfect—and even the woman who seems to have it all together carries doubt and uncertainty, just like you.

Whether you are an anxious mom yourself, a concerned grandmother, or a women’s ministry leader seeking to better understand and serve mothers of young children, we encourage you to join us for our series entitled Brave Mom—a deeper look at what moms fear and how to overcome the worry that plagues us as moms.

Here are the three beautiful truths of mommyhood—a concept coined by Sherry Surratt in the book Brave Mom.

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