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  • A Different Kind of Fasting
    Thinning our lives to thicken our communion with God
  • A Christian’s Guide to Fasting
    Get the skinny on this spiritual discipline.
  • The Power of Prayer
    There isn't a magic formula
  • Spring Cleaning for My Soul
    I set out to clean my closets, but God had a bigger decluttering project in mind.
  • Lessons from a Clothes Shopping Fast
    Distinguishing between needs and wants—and why it's important to our souls.
  • Book review: 'Seven'
    One woman's journey to find God's desire for her life and stewardship
  • 33 Days of Spending Less
    What I’m learning about simplicity and Target through my shopping fast
  • Passing Life's Tests
    We can learn a thing or two from Esther about handling difficult situations.
  • A Marriage Fast
    Try this discipline to welcome God's sustenance and transformational power in your marriage
  • Giving My Credit Card a Rest
    I wanted to simplify. But could I really put a stop to all my spending?
  • More than a Meal
    Alise Barrymore discusses the freedom of fasting and how it feeds our hunger for righteousness.
  • Why Fast?
    What we gain when we deny ourselves.
  • Editor's Note
    The freedom and power of fasting.
  • I Hated Fasting
    I was sure giving up food would only make me grumpy, not holy.
  • The Holy Diet
    Be honest: Do we really fast for spiritual growth—or do we want the added reward of slimming our thighs?

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September 23, 2017
No One Dreams of Being a Single Mom
No One Dreams of Being a Single Mom
Let’s love rather than label.
May 25

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