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You Can Have Healthier Holiday Relationships with Your In-Laws

You Can Have Healthier Holiday Relationships with Your In-Laws

Some tips for planning and being together
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As this holiday season arrives, perhaps you long for healthy family relationships even more than the perfectly set table and crisply roasted turkey.

Extended-family relationships, especially those with our parents-in-law, often seem fraught with complications ...

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December 13, 2012  10:14pm

JE... I don't think this writer is singling out this incident as more worse than the other, but instead writing about some various situations that could be a challenge for different individuals and this could certainly be one. We have that in our own family & while that may have not related to you it does to others and it is another reality that may be difficult for some so I appreciate that it was written. Uncle toney could mean anything but it basically means that person who arrives who makes the reader tense & maybe a significant other.... As much as we love & accept them as Jesus does it also doesn't mean we will never feel tense about it. And this article is just what you're hoping for, how to deal with such tense feelings so we can accept others. Bashing an article just because one point doesn't relate to you doesn't mean it won't relate to others & help them have a restored relationship with their uncle toney, whatever that means. I appreciate article so much thank you!

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December 03, 2012  7:12am

Thanks for the article, it is perfect timing for this Thanksgiving & Christmas season!

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November 23, 2012  3:14pm

Uncle Toney bringing his special friend is something that can ruin your holiday? Regardless of how you feel about Uncle Toney or him having a special friend, shouldn't he be able to be apart of the holiday and participate with the family? It doesn't feel right to me to categorize someone coming to dinner in the same category as a turkey prep issue or a child's tantrum. If I had an "uncle Toney" who had a "special friend" (whatever that means) I would hope that having him be with our family on the holiday would add to the togetherness and specialness of the day. I don't think this is an example of an imperfect holiday that should be used in a publication for Christianity Today. Surely Jesus would be the first to invite all of our "Uncle Toney's" to dine with him.

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November 23, 2012  11:30am

To PS ~ God bless you! You ARE doing the right thing for you and your children. Recently went thru something similiar and this will be my family's 3rd Christmas WITHOUT toxic drama... and without that it really doesn't matter if the weather is awful or the turkey is done late or whatever... we're together and enjoying each other and that's what really matters! Just lovely (even with a late turkey!) AND my kids (now college-aged) have all thanked me for taking that step and removing us all from that drama. Stay strong and remember you are passing on a legacy to your children.

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November 23, 2012  9:54am

A great article well-deserving of 4 stars as every holiday is a time I want to put my head in the sand. I- have no in-law troubles, just a demanding mother who wouldn't go to my brother's because he wouldn't have the "right" Thanksgiving food, so cooked her own food and ate alone this year, claiming that she didn't want to be "handled"-I wish I'd had this article in August so my siblings and I could have discussed this in depth, as it's no good trying to reason this out with my "diva" mother who thinks everyone wants to be with her-30 years of this and it gets no easier as the years go by--thanks again for the practicality of this article.

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