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Vacations for the Frugal Family

Great tips for great trips when your vacation budget is busted.


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Hipster Meets World

Hipster Meets World

What are Millennials doing after college?
Choosing Justice

Choosing Justice Subscriber access only

Start where you are and use what you have to make a difference.
Becoming Who You Are

Becoming Who You Are Subscriber access only

Intentional living, one step at a time
O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! My Captain!

7 ways to seize the day
Generosity vs. the Gimmes

Generosity vs. the Gimmes Subscriber access only

How Joshua Becker and his family’s shift toward minimalism helps them live out the gospel

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When Your Deep Gladness Meets the World's Need

When Your Deep Gladness Meets the World's Need Subscriber access only

How we find our calling
Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

How to keep criticism from derailing us from God’s calling
Mentoring Across the Lines

Mentoring Across the Lines

Embracing racial and ethnic diversity
When Smart Women Choose to Stay Home

When Smart Women Choose to Stay Home

I knew I had made the right decision. So why did I still feel so unsure of myself?
Tired of Your Job?

Tired of Your Job?

Remember: God has a purpose for your work

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A woman’s position in the workplace gives her a unique and powerful opportunity for influence. How we navigate this difficult and challenging interface between work and faith is demonstrated in our daily choices.


We all have experiences that have grown us and given us wisdom. But they do no good if we don’t share what we have learned—and they certainly do us no good if we do not seek wisdom from others who have traveled the road before us.


Regardless of what’s going on in the economy or at work, God calls us to use our finances wisely and to work as though we're working directly for him.
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