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Navigating singlehood can be scary, wondering what God's will is for your life. But perhaps this season of singleness offers more adventure and discovery than you’d imagined.

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Waiting for a Wedding

Staying optimistic while waiting of your heart's desires.


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Why Living Together Isn't a Test-Run for Marriage

Why Living Together Isn't a Test-Run for Marriage

Research shows how cohabitation sabotages lifelong intimacy
5 Tips for Great Dates

5 Tips for Great Dates Subscriber access only

Ditch disappointment and find real connection
Those Three Magical Words

Those Three Magical Words Subscriber access only

Even from a distance, I was sure I could hear them.
Dealing with Breakups

Dealing with Breakups

What to do when you need to end a relationship
How to Love Life Regardless of Your Love Life

How to Love Life Regardless of Your Love Life

Encouragement from Mandy Hale, “The Single Woman,” to brighten your Valentine’s Day

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Our editors have compiled the best on Singles + Dating topics from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

Singleness and Scripture

Singleness and Scripture

What the Bible really says about those who aren't married
Why This?
Poor theology perpetuates myths and empty Christian cliches about singleness. Author Lisa Harper explains what the Bible really says to single women.
Lessons from Longing

Lessons from Longing

Three ways I've grown during my single years.
Why This?
Longing to be married can be really painful--but God can use that heartache as a catalyst for significant spiritual growth.
A Woman's Worth

A Woman's Worth Subscriber access only

As a single woman, I felt like a failure—until God helped me redefine ''success.''
Why This?
You don't need a husband or children to make a difference in the world for God! This article explores how singles can find confidence, significance, security, and purpose in God.
The Single Life

The Single Life Subscriber access only

Five women sound off on sex, dating, and the church
Why This?
A panel of single Christian women share their thoughts on dating, loneliness, sex, the church, and waiting for Mr. Right.

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