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Ghosts of marriages past don't have to linger and get in the way of your new relationship. Blending marriages and families have their own sets of challenges—but also their own sets of joys.

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When Husbands Cheat

Navigate through the pain of marital infidelity.


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Why One Dad Is Best

Why One Dad Is Best Subscriber access only

There's a lot to be said for a single, steadfast presence
When Your World Collapses

When Your World Collapses

Tips on how to recognize the warning signs of divorce before you get to the altar
What Do You Expect?

What Do You Expect?

Exploring remarriage expectations

The Challenging Journey for Stepfamilies

How to avoid divorce as you learn to blend your family

The God of Second Chances

Would I live out the lessons I learned through Jerry's illness and death, or wait for another loss to reset my priorities?

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Our editors have compiled the best on Remarriage topics from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

Succeeding at Second Marriages

Remarriages are more complicated and at-risk than first marriages. Here's what you need to know to make it work.
Why This?
Beginning a second marriage? These principles will help you successfully blend families and establish a solid foundation with your spouse.

Clearer Connections

Remarried couples often bring baggage into their marriage. Here's how to work through the issues to gain stronger communication skills.
Why This?
Ginger Kolbaba shares insights for how remarried couples can move beyond the baggage of their past to establish new patterns of healthy communication.

Ghosts of Marriage Past

Facing the unseen hurts that haunt your relationship.
Why This?
Memories of a previous marriage or relationship can haunt us. This article explores how Christians can be proactive in facing off with old patterns and healing old wounds.

Dangerous Crossing

How to keep your marriage footing as your blended family becomes one
Why This?
Establishing a new, blended family requires lots of grace and determination. This article will help you avoid the pitfalls and will equip you with tools to build a healthy home.

The ''Ex'' Factor

4 ways to deal with a meddling former spouse.
Why This?
How can a Christian deal with her husband's "ex"? Ginger Kolbaba shares principles for setting healthy boundaries with a former spouse.

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Romance + Sex

Romance + Sex

Physical intimacy and connection is amazing and powerful in a marriage relationship—and totally God’s idea.


Learning to connect clearly with your spouse means your marriage has the potential to grow stronger than anything you could ever imagine—and offers you the opportunity to become more mature in your relationship and your faith.
Health + Home

Health + Home

Like it or not, women are the main caretakers for their spouses, families, and homes. Health and a happy home make for a long-lasting marriage.
Help + Healing

Help + Healing

All marriages hit rough spots—some go all the way to the brink of divorce. Yet God offers hope, strength, and even joy in the midst of the most difficult times in a relationship.


Most husband and wives view their finances differently, which can cause misunderstandings, stress, and arguments over debt and how to best spend hard-earned cash.


Besides sexual intimacy, couples overwhelmingly desire to connect spiritually with their spouses and long to follow God together.
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